End of an Era

On this blog I know I post mainly about Tango, but as I have said before, on  a Wednesday we normally go social dancing. We go to a small, well run social club called The Ewloe Social club. It is much like the clubs de barrio that I love so much in Buenos Aires, the clientel likewise are aging, mostly in their seventies and eighties.

The act on a Wednesday consists of two men known affectionately as Deryk and Geoff. Deryk plays the organ and Geoff the drums. There is a banter all night with each other and the audience, the entertainment goes far beyond just dance music.

They are both in their eighties and, as you can imagine have had a few health scares. Now though they have decided to call it a day, after twenty five years of playing the club. Unfortunately I cannot be there for their last performance, that work thing gets in the way again. Perhaps it is just as well, Viv would be in tears , and I think I  may have  been as well (very un british).

Viv, myself, Doreen, Ralf,  along with all the club will miss them terribly, hopefully they will come back and visit us often.


Deryk and Geoff

Deryk and Geoff

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  1. tangobob

    I have just had the sad news that while we were in Cardiff, Deryk passed away. My thoughts are with his family and many friends, and I regret missing his funeral.
    It is sad how he slipped out of our lives while I had commitments els where.
    Rest in Peace Deryk, I hope the Angels are dancing to your organ now.

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