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Gate crashers

Some pictures of Barocco Bar

Why is it that we always feel like gatecrashers when we tango? Wherever we go we seem to be in someone else’s party. I have to say, in general we are well received. I did notice some resentment from the locals at Glorias Argentinas “why are these two extranjeros at the great mans table” but in the party itself we are always welcomed.

So last week we sort of gatecrashed the birthday of Xenia at Barocco, there was no cake or free drinks, but we were happy to celebrate with someone we had only just met.

I had thought no more of this until we arrived again at Barocco bar. We stood at the bar trying to order drinks. A couple were there who seemed to be ordering rather a lot. The girl asked “how many glasses?” I just assumed that they were ordering wine for their table.

Graeme appeared at the bar, people came and started congratulating him. Somebody came and said “it’s the Mister P where is Mrs P” slowly it was dawning on me that something special was happening.

Upstairs I noticed that there was a tray of Champagne flutes, and while we danced the girl from the bar brought up an ice bucket with Champagne. The music was stopped the champagne poured and a toast was proposed to the newly engaged Xenia and Graeme or was it Graeme and Xenia. So now we are looking forward to gatecrashing the tango wedding and have told them, we are now tango friends and must be invited.

Again I have found that when you meet someone through tango it is like you have been friends for years. So I would like through this medium to wish Xenia and Graeme all the best and a long and happy life together.

There were less people here tonight, so that it really did feel a bit intimate, still I shouted out the toast, as if I had known them all my life, and it was good champagne, so it would have been a shame not to make the most of it.

The floor was a trfile sticky but liberal amounts of talc soon cured that. So we danced away until about ten thirty. Xenia was just too popular tonight, so I missed dancing with her, but did get a dance with a young lady from Meols, There must be a limerick in there somewhere, she no longer lives around here but returns occasionally to visit family. I have offered my services in getting her to some tango next time she returns, lets keep the party going.

Anyway about ten thirty the music became more electronic, and while I have no prejudice against electronic, I enjoy listening but not really dancing to it, so we said our goodbyes and headed off into the rain again.

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