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Whoosh Bop

Apologies for the poor quote, Sharon has a talent for onomatopoeia, but I have a bad memory.

 The class at The Groves was again running well balanced, with Viv helping, the numbers of leaders and followers was even. I was destined to sit out the class again, not that I was bothered, the last few days had been hectic, what with Shrewsbury, the party, then two nights of other dancing. On top of this I had worked twelve hour days the last two days, and had some serious stair work that day, I just pulled up a bar stool and enjoyed a drink.

Of course when required I was there to demonstrate with Sharon. Tonight looked like becoming another bad one for me however, when asked I stood there willingly and tried to demonstrate an ocho without pivot. Now this would not normally be difficult, but from a standing start and in front of an audience, and tired. Enough of the excuses, I simply had trouble with knowing my left from my right. I redeemed myself later on but for a while there I thought it was going to be another one of those nights.

This ocho is where Sharon described it as a sort of whoosh bop, I love the way she does this, but have had to put my own words in. If anyone remembers exactly what she said, send me a note and I will correct myself.

My rest period did not last long, soon another woman turned up, so I was up for the rest of the class.

In the interval we distributed the rest of Sharon’s birthday cake, I was determined not to take it home again (the healthy eating programme has been going well so far) even the bar staff were persuaded to partake.

In the practica I was again asked about the lead. It is always the women who always ask, “Why do the other men not lead as strong as you”. I think it is a big cultural thing, women’s lib has not fully materialised on the dance scene in Buenos Aires, but here at home we are told to invite the woman. My opinion is, this leaves the women unsure of what she should do, if you take her in a firm hold, she will feel secure, knowing what she should do and be free to relax and look good.

Teachers here, that I really respect, still talk of inviting the woman. I have never yet come across a woman who has said my lead is too strong. This talk of invite confuses the men, they think they must not hold firmly, and sort of wave the hand in a come on motion, or nod the head to the side.

Let’s forget this invite nonsense and go back to leading. Let them know what you want with your body, and just perhaps, you will not have to stop mid floor to explain yourself.

 I was tired so at ten ish we decide to leave, but as Viv went to put on her shoes I was asked for one more dance. When I returned Viv was again dancing, this continued until the end, and so far from having an early night, we were the last to leave.

Not that I am complaining, the ladies and men of tango have made us feel so wanted and loved, that the time we have with them transcends any amount of tiredness I might feel.

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