Pobre Bob

Work commitments mean I can only attend one tango event this week, so in order to make the most of it we arrive early at the Groves.

As usual people arrive at the class in dribs and drabs, so one minute I am leading the next I am following, but as the numbers settle there is an even number of men and women, so I am cast aside like an old tissue. ( As Luba would say “pobre Bob”)

I sit watching the class with my glass of water, occasionally asked into the centre to demonstrate a move. It works well for Sharon and one time when she needs a follower there is a call from the class for Roberta.

It really is not my week because in the improvers’ class the same situation occurs. Viv often has to sit out and never complains so I suppose there is no room for me to complain either. After all I get my regular dose of tango every week one way or another. I learned a new saying off Jantango “basta la plancha” it is usually said by women who sit out waiting for a man to ask them to dance, often frustrated that some men are sitting down and they cannot get a dance. This is not my case by any means but I get the idea.

There is a couple who were in the beginners who watch the class and I join them to give some tips. Like a growing number here, they have been watching videos, and believe themselves to be at a higher level, I try to explain that you simply cannot learn to tango from videos. I have been to dances (even in Buenos Aires) where there are people who have learned from videos, and it is obvious the minute they step on the floor that they have not been taught.

When Sharon again asks me to demonstrate, I was not paying attention so first she had to explain the move to me, doubling her teaching. And when the call came for Roberta the same thing happened, still it kept us on our toes.

Then I was back to our beginners again, the idea that you can somehow lead by turning your head, is often taken from these videos, and while not the best practice, I advised looking at the woman. This way at least he would not turn his head and leave his body behind.

Soon enough it was practica time again, and I was in my element once more. I tried to restrict myself to three dances with each woman, and I think I managed to get around most of them in the hour we had. As always seems to happen  though I missed doing the milongas with Viv, not  I may hasten to add that there was anything wrong with the women I did dance with, it is just that for me there is something special about doing the milonga with my wife.

So while Viv will be attending the workshops at the weekend I must work nights, so that is my lot on the tango scene for another week. Hopefully I will be back to it next Monday.


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4 responses to “Pobre Bob

  1. tangobob

    Your story is like the lean years we had, it will get better, it did for us. I will try to give you lots of attention, must keep you dancing.

  2. Anna

    Still a lot more tango than I get. Looking forward to dancing with you on the 30th.

  3. tangobob

    Please accept my appologies, I thought I had put you on. By the Way thanks for all the traffic.
    I enjoyed seeing myself on your video, though Viv was not so clear.
    Next time lets Dance, how could I have sat at your table and not danced with you?
    Besos Bob

    PS you are now on my blogroll

  4. Hola Pobre Bob!
    (BTW, there’s a great restaurant in Belgrano, El Pobre Luis!)
    Enjoy your blog, and you’ve been on my blogroll for quite some time. And I’m just wondering if you’ve forgotten to put tangocherie on yours?!
    Ruben and I also enjoyed meeting you on your recent trip to BsAs, although it was a bit rushed that night at Los Consagrados–there are always so many folks at our table that we don’t always get to spend much time with the later-comers who sit at the end of the table!! Sorry about that!
    Hope to get to know you better the next time you visit.
    Meanwhile, I’m enjoying your blog.
    cherie y ruben

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