Back to Shrewsbury

Buenos Aires is disappearing into the dim and distant past. All the new people I met are just memories, so a chance to tango again is my only salvation. Upton Magna is a small village just south of Shrewsbury, very difficult to reach, but now becoming a regular on the circuit.

Before I start the report I must apologise to those waiting to see Viv’s new hair. As usual with anything new, it takes her some time to get used to it, and tonight there was no way she would wear her new wig. So in the photos is the same old Viv, for now the short bob style stays.

Weekends when I can travel this far are rare, so it is lucky that the weekend milonga coincides with my only weekend off. Tonight Ricardo and Sue are here as guest teachers, unfortunately I could not get there in time for the workshop they did, but managed to catch the back end. From the little I saw they did a good milonga class, shame I missed it as everyone seemed to enjoy it and I think I would have enjoyed it too, I do love a good milonga.

When the dancing started there was a good mix of men and women, but for the first hour or so we ran short of women. The reason was that Viv had her Comme Il Fauts on show. Only one pair was actually for sale, and they were already sold to Evelyn. The idea was that as she takes the same size as Viv, she would have a choice of the four pairs Viv had brought. The trouble was that when they came out, it suddenly became a feeding frenzy, all the women wanted to try them on, whether they fitted or not.

Dave was keeping strict control of the music, nothing but the golden years here, all good stuff, good sound system we even had disco lights. My only criticism was that by now we should be having proper tandas.

The lack of tandas did give me one problem; never knowing when I had danced enough with any woman. I tried to restrict myself to three dances, but most of the time I was not counting and probably did four or five.

Always aware that Viv has come with a partner, it is totally unfair that she should have to keep sitting out. This meant returning to her often especially when just one modern tune was played; I simply had to dance Otras Aires, Milonga sentimental with my wife. Nobody, just nobody does milonga like this, and while I will always go for the stuff from the golden years, sometimes it can be improved upon. Take the best composers and traditional music, but play it with a modern twist, and I believe sometimes something great can come out of it. That was Dave’s only concession to modern music, I have to say I agree with his choice.

Where did the night go? As I danced round the room I looked at the women and noted at least three with whom I had not danced. Ready to ask Sue and the last dance was announced. Few things are set in stone, but La Cumparsita should always be danced with the woman with whom you arrived (yes I know, but we do some things differently in the UK).

So as I danced with Viv I noted that Sharon, Sue and Katrina had not danced with me, and made a note to give them priority next time.

I will see at least two of them on Monday and hope they will have forgiven my oversight by then.


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5 responses to “Back to Shrewsbury

  1. tangobob

    Thank you Katerina, my fragile ego has just got a little stronger, of course you will stay on my list.
    Tandas, are between three and five tunes played together, usually by the same artist, from the same time period and of the same style. At the end of each tanda a short peice of music is played, not for dancing, this is called the cortina (curtain in english). At this point the men escort the women to their tables, then sit down and wait for the next tanda, where they will then chose another to dance with. This not only ensures that you know what style of tango you are doing, but it saves having the embarasment of not knowing when you have danced enough with one partner.

  2. Katerina

    BOB!!! you are the best partner I ever dance with, please keep me on your list 🙂
    … what mean tandas???? and this shoes… oh ah…

  3. tangobob

    Janis, I will send you a mail.
    Those shoes are so nice, I am starting to become a bit of a shoe fetihist.
    On the tandas; I think the music here is often arranged in groups but without the cortina, it is often difficult to know when one starts and another finishes.
    Now back to those shoes.

  4. victanguera

    It can be so hard to get dj’s to understand the importance of a tanda. Hum, I’d forgo dancing to goggle over Comme ‘il Faut shoes as well (even though I own several pair of my own). A girl can never have–or admire–enough pretty shoes.

  5. jantango


    Once you explain to Dave the advantages of tandas, he’ll surely get the idea and make the change.

    All the women who were gauking over Viv’s shoes might enjoy see the photo of a mass of Comme il Fauts on this blog that popped up in my tag surfer:

    I miss our daily email exchanges and phone calls. I have no way to chat with Viv!


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