Roger and Mirta get married

Finally I have permission from Roger to publish this post, I did not want to publish without permission and He has been incomunicado for a while so here it is.

I know it is drifting away from what this site is about, but I could not let the wedding of Roger and Mirta go by without mention. I have of course already spoken of it in my February page, but having first asked permision I simply had to publish the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, and will join with me in wishing them a long and happy life together.

Banner BA2007a DSCF1018



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3 responses to “Roger and Mirta get married

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  2. tangobob

    They did I believe have a fantastic day. We had an invite, but apart from it being so far away, I just could not get the time off.

  3. Anna

    Looks like a fantastic day, I’m hope they’re very happy. I like Mirta’s grasses in her hair, beautiful.

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