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Roger and Mirta get married

Finally I have permission from Roger to publish this post, I did not want to publish without permission and He has been incomunicado for a while so here it is.

I know it is drifting away from what this site is about, but I could not let the wedding of Roger and Mirta go by without mention. I have of course already spoken of it in my February page, but having first asked permision I simply had to publish the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos, and will join with me in wishing them a long and happy life together.

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Pollo entero

Pollo: chicken pronounced posho or near enough.

Philippe has asked if we  can have lunch, it will be a chance to catch up and answer a few questions about the flat. We expected Luba as well but she could not make it, no matter we will catch up again before we return home.

When he arrives the usual banter starts, about us killing foxes and the french eating anything disgusting.I think he enjoys our sessions, no entente cordial here, just good fun. One question that needed answering was the electric bill which had arrived, technically it is his bill, but I would like to pay it just for experience, two months electric $14ar less than three pounds. I did not understand the figures, it appears that if it is not paid on time then there is an increase, for those who have fallen foul of UK parking charges that double, be prepared for a shock, the extra for late payment is 20 centivos that is about 4p in sterling or less than a shilling in real money. I said I may just not pay it and give Philippe the 20centivos.

After we have discussed all the bills etc the new portero, and the presidents wife, we head off to a local parilla. Normally we do not do lunch, either we have some coffee and medilunes or just a sandwich. At the parilla Philippe says why not have a whole chicken, so we order beer a bowl of salad and a bowl of papas espanol and pollo entero.

As has been said often they know their meat here and the chicken was cooked beautifully and quartered, this was where we needed Luba, the last quarter was watching us, who would crack, Philippe said he was full so I ripped it in half, half for me half for Viv. another beer was needed just to help us finish.

Unusually we could not have coffee so when we had finished we trotted off down the street to another cafe for coffee. All too soon Philippe had to go so we bid him farewell and retreated for a siesta.

As is normal on a Thursday we return to Club Fulgor. The numbers even here now seem down, despite temperatures of 25degrees it looks like winter is taking hold. Still for a UK dance this would be a good crowd, and there are some new faces. One old guy who must have been in his eighties was up bopping to the cumbia, still going in the merengue, and swinging to rock and roll. I was surprised to see him dance the tango, after all that exertion I would have needed a rest.

Oddly very few got up for tango vals, I enjoy the vals, so with the floor almost to ourselves I could really step out. I love this club but sometimes there is crashing from the back and people coming the wrong way around the room, so just for one tanda I could strut my stuff and not worry about the others on the floor. Luckily we had arrived early because before midnight it just sort of ended, there was no one left and there was little point in staying.

We paid Marianne for the drinks and took a slow stoll home in the warm night air.


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