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Listo, a (‘listo, a)adj (perspicaz) smart, clever;(preperado) ready.

That is the dictionary definition, but here it usually means finished or it can even be a way of dismissing someone.

Today we decided that we would collect the papers for our apartment, Viv would not be happy that we own it until the escritura is in our hands. So we took the subte to the final stop Av Leandro N Alem fortunately this is also the address of our escribano. This proximity however did not stop me getting a little lost in our search, but not for long. We soon arrived at the right building, there was security on the door, that would not let us in until we said what we wanted. Then when we got out of the lift on the eighth floor the door was locked and we had to request entry over an intercom.

Our escribano was courteous and remembered us (I had announced our name over the intercom, that gave him a clue). he spoke in English though he struggled for some words. The secretary went to search for our papers, then he explained that we must wait while he prepared the building contract (the owners form a company to administer the building, The consorcio).

While we waited we sat in dining type chairs facing what looked like the counter in a Chinese take away. I did think of asking for sweet and sour chicken, but I have learned my humor is just not understood here.

Anyway after a few minutes the secretary came out and gave us the papers, and said “listo”. That was it we were dismissed, but now Viv was happy so we went away for another coffee. I had had a bad feeling that we were going to be fleeced for more money, but we were just given our papers and dismissed, every time I try to pre judge this place it surprises me, it is never what you suspect.

Our evening was again spent at Fulgor, some of the usual crowd was missing, replaced by people taking part in tonights round of the local championships. Some of the fun feeling was lost as those who danced well and those who thought that they danced well competed with each other even when they  need not have.

My night was lifted to a new level however as we were joined by Sallycat. Because there were few free men I had to divide myself between two beautiful women. I have a hard life.

In a past post (sallycats adventures) Sally was put down by a man who said she could not milonga, so I had promised her a dance. Sally I enjoyed that milonga we had great fun.

Sally can milonga

Sally can milonga


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