New friends


Looks like in Buenos Aires they have found a new way to stop people spending my money: As we walked back from Plaza Almagro, where we had sat eating lunch, we passed another furniture shop where they make thier own stuff. There was no way however we were going to get in, the owner (I assume) had placed all his tools in the shop doorway and was busy staining a table. There was no access for anyone, god forbid somebody wanting to go in and purchase one of his master pieces.

As the day was now getting short we decided to spend some time looking for a new lamp for our mesas de luzes, tables of light as bedside tables are known here.Walking down Corrientes I saw some lamps in one shop, now to me a lamp is a stick with a lamp holder on top, you decorate it with the shade. I guess I am wrong again, I do not know what is required but it ain’t here. Eventually we end up in The Abasto Centre, now I am comatose, just too many clothes shops.

As is the way with these things, you never find what you want, but when you are not looking something turns up. So we did not get a lamp but at least we now have a door mat.

Unusually tonight we are returning to Plaza Bohemia, we do not go to the same place twice. It is worth noting that because it is the same building the venue is different, the host is different as is th DJ even the staff tend to follow a particular host.

We come here at the invite of Jantango, never having been here on a Tuesday and having no idea about Janis apart from her blog, Viv was non too keen. The thing was Tuesday is often a bit flat, we usually end up at Porteno y Bailarin, but even there it is quiet.

When we walked in we were suprised, there was a good crowd, not crowded as is often the case here, but enough to make a good night. We are not known here so we were given a table right at the back out of the way.

As we sat waiting for some service I scanned the room hoping to see Janis. I am pretty hopeless at remembering faces I have met, so to identify one I have only seen in a photo was a lost cause. I need not have worried she found us.

I have to say that my worries about meeting a lone American woman were unfounded, she was sweet and very friendly and got on well with Viv.

We did not get much dancing done, two women together never stop talking, but we enjoyed the company.

I did dance a couple of times with Janis, I felt akward and clumsy but she was so comlimentary. This is something the women at home need to understand, we men have very fragile egos, tell us we are doing something wrong and you are a lousy dancer, tell us we are great and you are the best dancer in the world.

While we danced she helped me out with a few things (not that I was doing anything wrong oh no not me) and we joked about teaching on the dance floor, but as I have said, there is a world of difference between correcting the embrace or stance and standing still while you explain a step you are unable to lead.

We left the club together Viv and Janis arm in arm, and when we got to Tucuman Janis bundled us into a taxi. I am afraid ungentlemanly I should have seen her safely off first, but she has lived in this city for ten years and is without doubt more capable of looking after herself here than we are.

I think we have made yet another friend here, and for those who think I am anti American, she is from Chicargo.


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6 responses to “New friends

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  2. Just ask for the table of Ruben y Cherie!

    See you then!

  3. tangobob

    The circle of freinds we are building up here is amazing. For some reason I cannot access my email account here, so I hope you read this, we would love to come on Saturday, who shall I say has the table when they ask me?

  4. Hola Bob & Viv,

    Found your blog by accident, and surprise, at this moment you are in BsAs!

    Please join us this Saturday afternoon and sit at our table at La Milonga de los Consagrados (“Nino Bien”).

    We are there from 7-10, always with a lovely group of students and friends. We would be happy to meet you.

    Just please let us know if you are coming so we can save you seats!


  5. Anna

    I wondered when you two would finally meet

  6. jantango

    Bob and Viv,

    I was delighted to have met you last night. Alito didn’t show up for his birthday cake, but we had a lovely conversation, even though we had to talk loud over the music. Those dances with you were nice, Bob. This trip you must sit separately to dance with others. Viv is welcome to join me at my corner table by the bar at Lo de Celia anytime. I’ll help her with the cabeceo and selecting partners.

    I couldn’t help smiling during the bus ride home after meeting the two of you. I look forward to seeing you both soon.

    from Chicago, but very happy to be living in Buenos Aires

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