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High pressure sales,BsAs style

I just love this place, as I look out at the trash in the streets, the broken pavements, and dog dirt, I wonder why, then things happen that remind me, the love of the people and every day being so different from the last.

I know some of my friends here read this, hopefully all those I have not yet contacted will do and accept my apologies, too much to do, too little time.

We arrived at Club Fulgor and as we walked in Roberto rushed over shook me firmly by the hand kissed Viv then found us one of the best tables, you would think I was the prodigal son, not some punter who has been missing for eight months. Next the waitress comes over and kissed us both warmly. Everyone in the club remembers us and even if they did not speak, they came to bid us goodbye before they left.

Funny holiday this we spent the morning, me doing repairs and covering our window seats, Viv cleaning to her own high standards, so as a break we decided to look for some more furnishings, and headed out to the shops.

There is a place near us which sells rustic furniture, Viv decided that would be nice for the bedroom. The guy pounced as we walked in I just said “solo mirando” and he went back to his computer game. Nothing was quite what we wanted, however there was a small bedside table Viv liked but only one. I called over dungeon master and said do you have two of these, he said no. I thought about walking out and trying somewhere else but Viv said she liked this “ask him how long it would take to get another”. In Spanish the conversation went something like this “when can you get another?” “if you leave a deposit, seven” “today?” “yes”

So after nearly walking out, we have arranged to pick them up tomorrow morning, it makes you wonder, if they ever manage to sell anything.


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