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Estamos Aca

This journey seems to get easier every time. Our arrival at Manchester airport was a trifle early, the consequence of this was that we waltzed through check in. There was not a queue anywhere, so we found ourselves in departures with two hours to kill. Not that I was unhappy with this, my stress levels reach a peak along with my blood pressure as we approach check in. All the things that can go wrong, will we ever be allowed on the plane?  Not that I have ever had a problem, but I still worry. Now at last I can relax.

The flight through to Paris was faultless, though as usual they took us all around the airport to get to our next check in. I know this is not necessary as last year when our flight arrived late we were taken on a short cut that got us onto our next flight in no time at all. But hey who are we to question the ways of airport managers or traffic planning officers?

As we were now old hands at this we even acted as guides to one greenhorn, we got him safely onto his flight to Buenos Aires (I hope he wanted to go there).

Anyway about eight in the morning we finally arrived at Eziza airport,it was like a scene from a  movie. What was it called? Outbreak? or Virus ? or something like that. Paranoia rules, all the staff were wearing masks and to the confusion of some, we were paraded in front of a white screen while they examined us with an infra red camera. Fortunately I had read about this here http://baexpats.org/newcomers-forum/4583-deadly-swine-flu-paralyses-mexico-city-3.html so I could explain to the confused passengers what was happening, we were of course being examined for swine flu.

We arrived at our apartment about nine and after unpacking we set off on a short shopping trip. Fortunately Philippe had left us a few things, so we could have some coffee and breakfast. Why we ended up in a big supermarket I have no idea, the queues in these places are ridiculous, but we finally got to bed about half two, I still did not have the two electric plugs I needed but at least we have a pizza for tea.

I am at the moment unable to get aol, no idea why, so I am unable to retrieve my carefully stored emails, which means anyone I said I would contact here needs to ring me, sorry. I will try to restore things my end, but it is early days yet.

Hope to meet up with any body who is here in Salon Canning tonight.

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