Deadly Swine Flu

Before I start, let me say I have sympathy for anyone who has died, but come on, this deadly pandemic has killed nearly twenty people. You are more at risk from falling coconuts or lightening bolts from the blue.

We will not be able to get to Shrewsbury tonight, swine flu has hit the Finches. Not me or Viv I hasten to add, we are fit to fly tomorrow, and fully expect to be in Salon Canning Saturday night. No, my car is feeling poorly, I tried lozenges and cough mixture but to no avail. So I have put it to bed until we return and there is more time for doctor Bob to examine it.

So I have to say goodbye to the Shrewsbury crowd from here, and hope to catch up with you all when I return.



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3 responses to “Deadly Swine Flu

  1. I agree. Fight the fear machine! There really isn’t anything to worry about to the level that the media is portraying it as.

    Here’s my take on it:

  2. tangobob

    Yeh, but I am still scared of, global warming, the next ice age, mad cow, nuclear war, dengue fever, terorism, oh hell we are all going to die!!!

  3. right on. fight the fear machine.

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