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Salsa Dan

Some of you may have noticed the link to Salsa Dan in my blogroll, well from today I am moving from just a mention to a full recommendation.

We met Dan in the early days of our dancing in Chester, we even went to his wedding, but in recent years we have got out of touch. We have done almost no Salsa in recent years and when we found that Dan has a class on a Friday we thought that we would grab the opportunity to meet up again.

So it was that we arrived at the Little Sutton community centre a little after eight. We did go to classes in Shrewsbury a few years ago, but apart from the travelling we found the difference between the beginners classes and the complex routines of the improver’s too great. Dan’s class, which was supposed to be beginners, we thought was just at the right level. The routine was not too long, which meant we could catch up easily, and there were one or two moves we had not seen before, which kept our interest up. The emphasis was less about technique, more about getting everyone dancing, and  every one did just that, dance. Later in the class we had a bit of merengue, and again everyone just enjoyed themselves. There was a lot of hip swinging, the perfect antidote to tango, but don’t worry I will be back to it tomorrow.

Unfortunately it was only a short class, as there were not enough numbers for a more advanced class, and anyway, I think for now the beginners will be more than enough for us.

We really enjoyed the class and meeting up again with Daniel and Jayne, after all this time was great. Looking forward to next weeks class.

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