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Two in a Week

Another Monday Class gave me another chance to shine only I didn’t (more on this later)

We are back again to there being more men than women in the beginners class, and so Roberta made another appearance. This is getting more rare these days as numbers are more or less evening out. Viv helps to make up the numbers of women, and of course if there is one too many men I can just sit out. So it was nice to do a bit of following again.

I have come in for some criticism from Viv, she says I am too heavy on the men. I think she forgets that as a follower I am just a beginner, also I believe, rightly or wrongly, that it is better to know where your follower is, that to be trying to find them. Still criticism noted, I will try to be lighter. (maybe loose some of that belly)

In the improver’s class, Sharon introduced something I have not done before. Sharon loves to do double time stuff, and so we did an ocho followed by a double time rock and then what she called a whoosh. All very nice, and as I was partnered up with the lovely Shirley I had no problem at all.

Sharon on seeing others in difficulty split us up. So what happened then? well Shirley went on to do it perfectly every time, and me, I could not even work out what I was supposed to be doing.

It would be all too easy to blame the women I danced with, but Tango is a conversation, and if they are not understanding my language, then I guess I need more vocabulary.

In the end I went over it again with Viv and it is back there again. We must see what happens Thursday night.

Yes I am getting two bites of the cherry this week, Tango Monday and Thursday. I will also get two (three, watch for post) goes next week, another month and I will be on my summer hours, which means a virtual end to Shrewsbury for six months except for one or two occasions.


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