A class on the hoof

As we prepared for our night in Chester, Viv had the radio on, much to my annoyance, I prefer to listen to tango music, to get myself in the mood. The local radio station announced that the A453 was closed, by an accident, on the way to Chester. I know that Sharon needs to pass us on the way, so I immediately phoned her, it was too late, she had already left, and I did not have her mobile number.

Not having any way of knowing if she was caught up in the chaos, we rushed to get out of the house, throwing my laptop into the boot. We took the back route to Chester, which although considerably longer, missed out all the traffic. When we arrived there was no sign of Sharon. I have not been for a couple of weeks, I had no lesson plan, and did not know what was being taught. I put the music on and just asked everyone to practice what they had been learning. Viv and I helped a few of the beginners but things were not going that well, ochos seemed to be the order of the day, so we concentrated on them.

When Sharon finally arrived, she had had time to rethink her class for the night, and decided to do an hour and a half for beginners and intermediates. All praise to her, after being stuck in traffic for two and a half hours, she did a wonderful class. Everyone from the Chester class is now doing ocho cortardos with confidence. Even an old timer like myself learned something new, I have never done the cortardo in the milonga before and quite liked it, I think that will definitely be added to my repertoire.

A final word about teaching: when I dance with someone, I never stop mid floor, and say “you are doing that wrong” if something I do goes wrong, I just addapt my style and try it again. If the lady does not follow at all, I will simply do something else, so imagine my horror when I find a woman doing exactly that to me, stop mid floor and tell me what to do. The same woman has done this twice to me now, and so I broke another of my rules, I walked off the floor. I am not the best dancer in the world, I have never made that assertion, but bad manners on the floor I cannot stand. I won’t dance with her again.

The drive home was interesting, Sharon is unfamiliar with the Chester area, so I said she can follow us home. She had no desire to be caught up in the traffic again, not knowing if it would be clear or not. I think the great traffic god was no on Sharons side, because we ended up stuck behind a tractor. Normally I would have dived past, but the back road is quite twisty and difficult if you do not know it, so I was unsure if Sharon could follow. So Sharon had a nice slow view of Aldford, it would have been better in daylight, but hey it was another mini adventure. We sent Sharon back onto thA483 at Wrexham, shouting at each other out of the windows.



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2 responses to “A class on the hoof

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  2. Anna

    Thank you for stepping in and keeping the dancing going, you and Viv are stars and we do appreciate you.

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