Chester Milonga

This tradition thing is catching on; Mondays class was dedicated to learning how a Milonga works, and the traditional music.

Sharon had a basic class at the beginning, where we learned a simple step that would allow the beginners to keep moving around the room. After this some time was spent on the etiquette. No overtaking, no walking across the floor, no back steps, and no stopping the flow, to teach a move that was not followed because you could not lead it. 

This is my favourite bug bear, if a woman does not follow what I have led, and asks what should I have done, I always respond “just follow” if she does not get it I will try again later, modifying my lead until she does. There is nothing worse than someone stopping the flow with both parties in a couple looking at the floor, trying to do something that is obviously beyond them. It is, ok, to just walk to the music.

OK back off my soap box; We were arranged around the room, men one side and women the other, eye contact being the only form of request allowed. Again I must admit to walking up to one or two women to ask them to dance, as they were too busy talking to catch my eye.

The music was kept traditional and arranged in tandas. I liked the choice of Aker Bilk as a cortina.

Sharon has taken a few photographs and has promised to forward them to me, I in turn promise to post some of them here as soon as I have them.

I cannot end without a note to say that all the women had made a special effort and were all beautiful, there was not one there that I would not have been proud to have on my arm.

Una cosa mas, as they say in Buenos Aires, I would be glad to hear of anyone who would like a regular Milonga in the Chester Area. If I do organise anything it would have to be irregular, maybe once a month. My shift working prevents me doing something on a weekly basis, that is unless someone else comes in with me.

I think that the size of the crowd we have at present, a weekly Milonga would anyway be unsustainable, at the moment. But any ideas or offers are welcome, lets get something moving.


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4 responses to “Chester Milonga

  1. tangobob

    Hi again Anna
    It is only an embrionic idea at the moment, I am not sure if I can find a venue. If it does come about you will always be welcome. You can leave John holding the baby while we dance.
    Besos Bob

  2. I had lovely tangos and milongas with you on Monday, thank you. I really enjoyed that milonga, a tanda seemed about right to dance with one lead and I got a kick out of the extra emphasis on etiquette. I think a monthly milonga would be great, although I will only be able to come if we can bring our baby (or arrange childcare). If there was any way to avoid a late night milonga that would be even better.

  3. tangobob

    Thanks again for your comments.
    While I agree with what you are saying, and I know I keep harping on about traditional milongas, these ladies are all beginners. They will sit talking all night and then complain that no one danced with them.
    The group is still fairly small, and once I had pointed out that they will not get a dance if they do not watch the floor, then they were more observant.
    I felt obliged to dance with every women there, not something that happens when I am in BsAs, and this being England, the night was short with only fourteen tandas, waiting was not really an option.
    Patience never was my strong point anyway.

  4. jantango

    If women are talking at the table, that is a clear sign they are not interested in dancing at that moment. Be patient. Wait for them to notice your glance or look for someone else to invite with nod from afar.
    The best dancers in Buenos Aires use the cabeceo. It doesn’t obligate the woman the way a verbal invitation at her table does.

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