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I looks like I am to forever follow in the Chester class.

Sharon wanted to do close embrace, usung the techniques from Sven’s Class, but there was a problem, nine men and only three women. Fortunately as the class continued a few more women arrived (unfortunately also some men). So when the men walked in a circle around the outside of the room, I joined the women in the centre. I have now been renamed Roberta for the sake of the class.

Fortunately I am very hetrosexual, so that when it came to close embrace, it was well understood that there was nothing “gay” about this. It has to be thought of as a hug, like when you score a goal or it is somebody’s  birthday.

Perhaps because I was never, what they call a popular boy when in school, many years ago. I enjoy the fact that I now have some sort of popularity.

At the end of the class one lady complained that she had danced with every man in the room except me. Now those who know me will tell you I am a shy retiring type, so that my first reaction was to  say “Sharon music” I was over in a flash.

I know I will never be one of the great milongueros, but I seem to have achieved a status amongst the beginners, and I have to say I love it.

To the ladies who rush to dance with me I can only say thanks, this world gives me a joy and confidence that I have never had.

There are men out there, I know who think that dancing is a bit gay, you look a bit of a puff, also many belive that it is just too dificult “I have two left feet”. Most of this is just excuses or lack of self conficence, The confidence will come, and after the first time you will wonder why you waited so long, I know I did.

It took many years for me to gain any confidence, perhaps because of my early years, or maybe as some have said, a complete lack of coordination.

If I can do it then anyone can, So what are you waiting for, come on join the dance.

Next week is a Christmas affair, I am not sure what Sharon has in mind, but, if you are not there you won’t be able to join the fun.

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