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More Reading

I am still ploughing my way through biographical novels, and I thought it was time for some more reviews. so here goes

To the Baltic with Bob: Griff Rhys Jones. Pretty much self explanatory. a sailing adventure with Griff Rhys Jones, well written and a work of comic genius. Another book that I just flew through. If you are into sailing you will enjoy his knowledge and seamanship, if you are into personalities you will love his characters, but even if you are not you cannot help but enjoy it as a travellog comedy and biography.

Spanish Steps: Tim Moore.  El Caminito as seen by a man and his donkey. If you ever thought you have had a bad holiday, then try comparing it with this mans travels across Spain. You will laugh out loud, weep for the donkey, and pray for the imortal souls of any who have not taken the path. In the end all’s well for the donkey

The old Patagonian Express: Paul Theroux. Not just patagonia, but a journey across the whole of the Americas. Agood travel book although for me personally it was more about the characters he met than the places he had seen. Very little on Buenos Aires or Patagonia for that matter, never the less a good read even though not to my personal tastes.

Een spoor van Paardemest: Mariette Meester.  I promise I am not showing off here, even though Dutch is my mothers tongue, I struggled, with a lot of reference to the dutch English dictionary. Written by my cousin, it tells the story of their travels across europe in a gypsy caravan (literally a trail of horse shit). worth viewing just for the pictures.

At one with the sea: Naomi James:  Another great story of the sea, her epic round the world sail, what went wrong and how it all came about. A must for all sailors.

Zen an the art of motorcycle maintenance: Robert M Pirsig. Nothing to do with zen and very little to do with motorcycle maintenance. Tells the story of a mans journey across America on a motorcycle and his quest to know his son who rides with him. The references to motorcycle maintenance are how he deals with roadside repairs, and the way he treats the bike becomes a metaphor for how he deals all of lifes problems. Will leave you wondering “what is quality?”

Still Spitting at Sixty: Roger Law.      “Roger Law, the evil genius behind the mocking caricature puppets of spitting image, unburdens his soul and tells the awful truth of how it all came about.”  ( taken from the back cover, it explains it far better than I could) An enjoyable read, he deals with life with humor and his adventures in Australia will leave you longing to visit. As he is by nature an artist the book is filled with drawings of the characters in his life as well as animals and site around Australia.

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