Reading and writing

Anyone who read my previous blog will already know, the troubles we had buying an apartment, but I have decided that the full story needs to be told.

My literary skills are not great, and so I have saved all my blog entries and am in the process of re writing them (third re write already ). The book grows as the story expands back to our first ventures in Buenos Aires and will of course include descriptions of the many places we visited.

To help me on my way I am soaking myself in as many biographies as I can, hopefully inspiration not plagiarism.

I will quickly review some of those I have read here, and perhaps shine some light on the better ones.

Eric Morcambe by his son Gary. I could not put this down. Perhaps not that big a book, as it was in large print, I managed to read it in less than two days. Every page was filled with either laughter or tears, I cannot recommend this enough.

Loosing my Virginity by Richard Branson. I found his story fascinating and easy to read. I am afraid my wife did not agree and never finished it. I guess it is down to taste here.

A Man Called Cash by Steve Turner. Johnny Cash was there in my years of angst, his songs lifted my when I needed it, he was and still is a hero to me. Shame this book was written as just a series of events, I never managed to finish it.

Spanish Lessons by Derek Lambert. Now this is what I am talking about, the story of one mans move to Spain. This is not only a great story but is well written. I am on my third reading, whenever I need inspiration it is here.

The Motorcycle Diaries Che Guevara. Rethink your views on a revolutionary. I simply laughed all the way through.

The Rocket Boys Homer J Hickman. Although a biography it does not quite fit here, the story of how a group of schoolboys shoot for the stars, and end up at NASA. thoroughly entertaining. I may read this again.

Eva Peron by Alicia Dujovne Ortiz: I could not do a list without this, another piece of hero worship on my part. Heavy going as it is translated from Spanish, but non the less very readable, and even if you now how it ends, it still draws you in.

Winning is not enough by Jackie Stewart: There is much about the life of this great driver that I did not know. Another book that I found hard to put down, and although quite a large book I read it in less than a week. Many will sympathise with perental unease at his choice of career and his quest for safety. A truly inspirational book.



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2 responses to “Reading and writing

  1. tangogales

    Thanks for the info, and the correction. It is not one of my more recent books so please forgive the error.

  2. Xandria

    Actually, Rocket Boys is written by Homer H. Hickam and it’s a trilogy – Rocket Boys, The Coalwood Way, and Sky of Stone. Go here for more:

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