Sex change?

Sharon’s workshop, with Ruth Zimmerman went realy well. There was a real mixed bag of dancers and that is always dificult for teachers. Ruth concentrated more on musicality and did nothing of the exotic figures we see more and more of. The venue at Upton Magna is realy nice, shame it is not more accesible, but then I suppose it would get more use and not be avaiable for us.

Strangely there were again more men than women, this gave me a chance to take the class as a follower. I always enjoy this, there is a kind of freedom in just doing what is asked. Changing partners caused confusion, women kept coming to me, and I would say I am a woman (amazing what science can do today).

I am afraid however I did put some men off, as not listening to teacher only my partner is not something most men are used to. If they lead it I followed, even if it was not what  Ruth asked. On the rare ocasion that I take a class this is something I try to promote, ladies if your leader is to lead, then you must follow. If he does not do exactly as the teacher has shown your job is not to correct him but to follow.

Tango is a conversation, this does not mean an argument. When the man gives a lead he must give the lady time to follow and, if she wishes decorate. The best way to prove that your leader is “doing it wrong” is to follow what he has led and when he says why did you do that, simply reply because you led it.

The milonga that followed the class also went very well. I am afraid we were not best prepared and had to leave early  for food. I am also afraid we did not thank Sharon and Ruth as we got caught up in conversation as we were about to leave.

It seems that there is now a new venue in Shrewsbury dedicated to traditional tango. Shrewsbury is outside our normal circle, but I will make a point of travelling down there and test it out when I have more details.  I will keep you posted.

I have not yet had any comments, Is anybody out there? I would love to know what you think.

One last thing, I hope to see you all at the Groves on Monday night, who knows I may again get the chance to follow.

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