How we Dance

We were asked to Dance at the Birthday Party of Francheska, and Tony, kindly Videoed it.

The filming is excellent, but I am afraid we were rubbish. All my teachers  comment on the same things, but it is not until you actually see yourselves that you realise how bad you are. Juan always says head up feet together, now I realise what he means. It is a shame it took so long to see myself, even though I now know what I look like I will still tell others to keep their heads up, or maybe because I know how bad it looks on me. Apologies for not posting it, I have not been able to post it either on this site or Youtube, as soon as I have sorted the problem I will post  here.

All I would like to say is if you are a dancer, or learning to dance’ get yourself on film. It will be the best learning experience you can have.

For those watching for events, we will be at Northwich Memorial Hall on 22nd November, Ballroom and sequence with Goodtime Combo. we have booked  tables one and two, and already we have fourteen names. If you wish to join us drop me a line we can always book more tables, you can just pay on the night.

I missed Tango in Chester tonight, sadly I have to work for a living. I will miss all my friends there, but I should be in attendance next week.

We will be at the weekly Dance in Ewloe Club dancing to Deryk and Geof on Wednesday. No Tango here I’m afraid, more sort of, grannies get with it. I hope that does not sound derogatory, but the average age is well into the eighties, this is absolute living proof that dancing keeps you young. These people are more alive that most that I know who are half their ages. So if you want to stay young: Come and join the Dance.

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